Bill Gates highlights Haiku LMS and the Global Online Academy

At the National Association of Independent Schools conference this month in Seattle, Bill Gates presented a keynote address on how innovations in technology are changing the landscape of education.

To start the presentation, Gates jokes that the only school he ever graduated from was an independent school (Lakeside School in Seattle where he met future business partner, Paul Allen). He gives a great deal of credit to Lakeside, their teachers, and their teletype machine saying, “My career at Microsoft was completely launched during those high school years.”

Lakeside School is one of the hundreds of independent schools using Haiku to power their blended learning initiative.

But it was actually our work with the Global Online Academy that captured Gates’ attention. The Academy is led by the wonderful Michael Nachbar and exists as a consortium of sixteen leading independent schools around the world. Gates gushes “that range of the classes is really exciting to see” and that “you gain this unbelievable ability to bring diversity into those classroom discussions.”

The full keynote -- including a fascinating Q&A --is embedded below. Watch minutes 25-28 to see the section highlighting Haiku and the Global Online Academy!

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