Let's Hear It! Share Your Ideas About e-Porfolios with Other Teachers

portfolio-overviewElectronic portfolios continue to gain attention, and if you've followed our blog in recent weeks you've seen that the popularity stems from the educational value that e-Portfolios provide. Simply put, they empower students (and their teachers, parents, and so on) to experience their own development over time.

Educator Barb Pace lent her expertise and her voice to the conversation in a series of four posts, outlining the function, types, and approach to successful e-Portfolio programs:

She also created this e-Portfolio Planning Sheet (pdf) to help teachers and administrators get started planning and implementing e-Portfolio programs in their own schools or districts.

Seeing is Believing

Barb created three sample e-Portfolios, too: Assessment, Project, and Display, and she also created five new sample classes that demonstrate ways to organize a class in Haiku LMS. (The sample e-Portfolios are available on the sample classes page, too.)

We Want to Hear from You!

Are you using e-Portfolios in your class? What ideas or suggestions do you have for other teachers? What has worked well for you and for your students? What hasn't?

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